Broken Back to 6 Pack

Broken Back to 6 Pack


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In the online Broken Back to 6 Pack course, you’ll receive your very own body & health guru showing you exactly what to do in order to heal, feel safe and effectively move again in your body.

In her own journey, Liz went from a broken back to a six pack over the course of her lifetime and has been working and coaching in this industry for over thirty years. Liz is an expert in safe effective movement, strength training, yoga anatomy, as well as other life & business coaching initiatives.

This program offers you a safe & effective process to follow that will allow for ease and newfound strength. You’ll learn how to strengthen your core to support and protect your back.

You can sign up for this program at ANY TIME and within minutes of signing up, you’ll get the first video showing you how you can start feeling better immediately with immediate action steps to take.

Broken Back to 6 Pack Members Receive:

  • The 7 Step Process of the Broken Back to 6 Pack Program (BB26P)
  • My Personal Story How I broke my back and my personal process to walking again and how it led to my life’s work of coaching people on body mastery, nutrition, yoga, life coaching/self-development, and entrepreneurship programs.
  • Top #2 Tips You must master in order to strengthen your core and begin to move safely in your body.  [Video Demonstrations]
  • Muscles You Need to Know Learn about and understand all of the muscles you will strengthen by the end of the BB26P program.
  • Sitting is the New Smoking: Learn how sitting all day effects your pelvic region and learn how to un-do the repetitive movements you’re putting your body through all day long.
  • The Core 5 Broken Back to 6-Pack Moves to master that will be your core 5 daily go-to body movements to start moving safely again, build a strong core, and know the secrets to living safely in your own body.
  • The Superman Series Liz’s tried and true yoga method that will help you strengthen and realign your spine anytime you are experiencing back pain.
  • When It’s Time to Start Adding Weight in order to build the 6 Pack
  • An Actual figureFIT Warrior Workout with Liz & Steve (“back surgery” success client who’s a voice for figureFIT! workouts).
  • Bonus videos and tips that will help you get moving again, create a strong core, and learn how to start shredding any unwanted body-fat to feel amazing.

Once this program is completed, you will gain access to the coveted figureFIT! Lifestyle Program allowing you to begin developing real strength and power in your body.