Premium Coaching

Elevate your life…
Elevate your consciousness…

Looking to elevate your executive team or personally work one-on-one with me? Right now, my premium coaching is limited to 1-2 clients annually.

If you’re here then you’re beyond ready to live a beautifully connected and abundant life in ALL areas: Self-Love, Money, Body, Mindset, Relationships, Money, and your deep inner Spiritual Connection.

Once you answer these questions, my team and I will review them to see if we are a fit to work together.

Programs range between $7,000 – Million+ per year depending on the client’s needs.

Liz’s Modes of Expertise:


  • Building a Brand & Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Start-Up
  • Online Marketing
  • Day Trading
  • Single Mom
  • Writing an International Best-Seller
  • Podcasting


  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Reprogramming New Neural Connections
  • Overcoming OCD
  • Neuroscience of Meditation
  • Unconsciousness States of the Mind
  • Flow States & Channeling
  • The Path of Yoga
  • Nutrition & Exercise Science
  • Muscle Building & Fat Burning


  • Creating a Heavenly Mind
  • Soul & Self-Love
  • Balancing Samadhi w/ Reality
  • Consciousness
  • Spirituality & Metaphysics
  • Knowing the Soul
  • Co-Creating w/ The Universe