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Liz Nierzwicki, first caught the public’s eye as one of the nation’s top experts teaching internal peace and self-love practices by way of proper thinking, proper workouts, nutrition science, and meditation in her bestselling book Happy Healthy Fit. Since the book’s release in 2016, her work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions—all of which reflect her passion for exploring how people can use meditation, visualization, quantum physics, and focused action to break old patterns and create new habits that heal the body and allow you to deliberately create a happy and rewarding life.Liz is driven by the conviction that each one of us are Gods and Goddesses in these amazing human bodies and we just have to learn how to live in this manner with love and compassion for all (including ourselves). Her phrase, “Live Your Soul’s Truth,” is your call to action to tune-in to the Source within and create from that space (Heaven). It’s not always an easy task because we are creatures of this world and our attention gets pulled in many directions by way of our ego. Also, we’ve been raised and cultured to “fit in” and have become addicted to our way of life even when it’s not serving your highest ideals. If there’s a disconnect between where you want to be and where you are, there is a gap that can be closed. The secret is, showing up and living authentically and congruent in how you think, feel, what you say and do that will create massive happiness in your life. It’s this person your soul longs to be – your true inner God or Goddess self.

As a teacher of teachers and lecturer, Liz has been invited to speak nationally educating people on how to let go, connect to that deep sense of peace within, and live aligned with their authentic truth. Her encouraging and loving stories detail how you can break your own bad habits and reprogram your brain and body with tangible techniques that will create lasting change towards true inner peace and deliberate creation. In addition to offering a variety of online courses and tele-classes, she personally teaches one mastermind retreat annually for those looking to build a global business empire; holds one figureFIT! instructor certification program annually, and personally mentors a select few premium clients annually (by application only).

Liz is also the founder (2010) and owner of Solace Yoga Studio and Solace Yoga School, a Yoga Alliance nationally accredited yoga teacher training program which has certified over twenty seven yoga teachers; creator of the world-wide nutrition and exercise science based program called figureFIT – giving people their very own personal trainer where and when they need it most; and creator of a multitude of programs and products such as The Meditated Mind, The Goddess Manifesto, the figureFIT Lifestyle Coaching Podcast, and InspireTATS.

As a researcher Liz explores eastern wisdom of spirituality, psychology and the science of the body. She’s passionate about helping people learn and apply what she knows can heal chronic conditions, mental disorders, and even terminal diseases through the power of meditation and visualization. She’s more recently begun partnering with other experts in the field to perform extensive research on the effects of meditation and visualization during her advanced workshops and retreats.

As an educator, Liz gives on-site lectures and workshops for businesses and corporations interested in developing wellness programs to boost their employees’ creativity, innovation, health, productivity, and more. Her corporate program also includes private coaching for upper management.

As an author, Liz has written Happy Healthy Fit: Transform Your Life in 90-Days with the figureFIT! Lifestyle Program which is an International Bestseller. She’s currently finishing up her second book.

Liz received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. Her studies there included nutrition science, psychology, cellular biology, business, and international marketing. Her postgraduate training covered neuroscience, habit formation, brain function, the path of yoga, sports medicine, digestive health, and metaphysics. When not on the speaker circuit, leading a mastermind group or writing, Liz teaches workshops and events at her flagship yoga studio in Mishawaka, Indiana.