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Up-Level Your State of Being

Up-Level Your State of Being by Liz Nierzwicki I used to live in a state of lack. It was lack in my financial situation, lack in my love life, lack in fun things to do. Lack and wanting were my constant state of being and once I started to wake-up consciously, I started to understand […]
  • Posted by Christi Mcilwain
  • On September 7, 2019
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10 Ways To Be Massively Productive as a Single Parent Entrepreneur
14 Nov 11:29 pm

by Liz Nierzwicki I consult with parents and single parents all of the time about productivity, because...

Soulmate Love
23 Sep 05:38 pm

Spiritual & metaphysical philosopher Elizabeth Nierzwicki in the house this morning. Are you ready? Let’s go. ....

Entrepreneurship Blog
14 Sep 07:32 pm

Soul Mastery
21 Jan 10:38 am

“Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.”...

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