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What Does (The Kingdom of Heaven is Within) REALLY Mean?

by Liz Nierzwicki Years ago when I was praying and asking for God to finally give me my husband. I was told “No.” You know that voice right? The one that is unquestionable. The one that guides the way. Well that was the one. It came over my fervent requests with a calm and graceful […]
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  • On March 6, 2019
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10 Ways To Be Massively Productive as a Single Parent Entrepreneur
14 Nov 11:29 pm

by Liz Nierzwicki I consult with parents and single parents all of the time about productivity, because...

Soulmate Love
23 Sep 05:38 pm

Spiritual & metaphysical philosopher Elizabeth Nierzwicki in the house this morning. Are you ready? Let’s go. ....

Entrepreneurship Blog
14 Sep 07:32 pm

Soul Mastery
21 Jan 10:38 am

Lovely friend… I want to tell you that I’m an introverted extrovert. I’m recharged in my morning...

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