Soulmate Love

Soulmate Love

Spiritual & metaphysical philosopher Elizabeth Nierzwicki in the house this morning. Are you ready? Let’s go. . . Have you ever had the kind of love that enlivens every single cell in your body? The kind of love that you can’t get enough of? The kind you want to merge and become ONE with? A […]

Love Letter: Soul Speaks to the Ego

  You have betrayed us. Why would you do such a thing? Why do you not trust me? Your inner guidance? What makes you think the world has this right for you? Don’t you know when you let me lead you, you are safe..? You are always protected when I’m leading. It’s ok my love. […]

Soul Mastery

Lovely friend… I want to tell you that I’m an introverted extrovert. I’m recharged in my morning readings, meditations, and writings. Pouring myself into massive scale human/soul enriching projects brings out the best in me. I’m a big thinker and don’t like to get bogged down in the little details. I like to arrange show […]