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I'm passionate about empowering you.
Break old patterns & transcend beyond
your current reality in order to live a life
you know you were born to live.


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My Mission...

Deep Internal Peace

Massive Joy

Ease & Allowing


CoCreating w/ Heaven

There’s a deep internal truth to your inner BEING that I’m here to help you uncover, live in, and love. I call this “inner Being” your God/Goddess. Meditation, alignment to our highest self, and appreciation are our a way of daily aligning to the happiness that IS our birthright.  Click here to read more…

Body Mastery









The Liz Show:


Entrepreneurial Playground

Heavenly Mind



This podcast was created to bring expert advice to my readers and community. I will be interviewing the worlds top experts in fitness, nutrition, health, as well as entrepreneurs, athletes, best-selling authors and more.


Become your best self with Liz’s 3-step process. This is a book of science, real life stories of health struggles and victories, as well as simple steps you can take to radically change your health, body, and mind. Educate yourself, take action, and change your destiny one day at a time with the figureFIT! Lifestyle Program.


Liz Nierzwicki is an energetic keynoter with an engaging and unique point of view. Leaves audiences with tools to improve communication, performance & results. Expert on Millennials and cross-generational issues, change, motivation, leadership, personal development and women in business.

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This is a retreat back to you, to loving
yourself, and nurturing yourself so you
can feel rejuvenated, invigorated and
inspired. Connect with other like-minded
amazing women. Receive tons of love
and guidance from Liz.